Defford, Worcestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brotheridge, Adelaide Charlotte  1831Defford, Worcestershire, England I3720
2 Brotheridge, Albert John  1825Defford, Worcestershire, England I2350
3 Brotheridge, Caroline  Abt 1804Defford, Worcestershire, England I2439
4 Brotheridge, Charles  Abt 1811Defford, Worcestershire, England I668
5 Brotheridge, Charles Young  1819Defford, Worcestershire, England I1098
6 Brotheridge, Charlotte  Abt 1811Defford, Worcestershire, England I1502
7 Brotheridge, Charlotte Maria Wilson  1826Defford, Worcestershire, England I1826
8 Brotheridge, Constance  1838Defford, Worcestershire, England I4411
9 Brotheridge, Elizabeth  1822Defford, Worcestershire, England I3126
10 Brotheridge, Emma  1828Defford, Worcestershire, England I1824
11 Brotheridge, Henry  Abt 1808Defford, Worcestershire, England I3089
12 Brotheridge, Isaac  Abt 1832Defford, Worcestershire, England I2351
13 Brotheridge, John  1801Defford, Worcestershire, England I2253
14 Brotheridge, John  Abt 1846Defford, Worcestershire, England I1195
15 Brotheridge, Joseph  Bef 1839Defford, Worcestershire, England I649
16 Brotheridge, Mary Deborah  1816Defford, Worcestershire, England I4066
17 Brotheridge, Rebecca Lucy Ann  1824Defford, Worcestershire, England I1825
18 Brotheridge, Sarah Ann  1820Defford, Worcestershire, England I45
19 Brotheridge, Sarah Ann  Abt 1823Defford, Worcestershire, England I742
20 Farley, Adam  1810Defford, Worcestershire, England I4125
21 Farley, Anson  1811Defford, Worcestershire, England I4381
22 Rammell, Frederick Thomas  1855Defford, Worcestershire, England I2114
23 Rammell, John Brotheridge  1853Defford, Worcestershire, England I2971
24 Roper, Ada Kate  Abt 1872Defford, Worcestershire, England I2342
25 Soley, Eva Ellen  1899Defford, Worcestershire, England I2343
26 Soley, Harold Ralph  1897Defford, Worcestershire, England I2344
27 Spiers, Alfred  Abt 1845Defford, Worcestershire, England I3770
28 Spiers, Michael  1815Defford, Worcestershire, England I1071


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Brotheridge, Albert John  09 Mar 1825Defford, Worcestershire, England I2350
2 Brotheridge, Charlotte Maria Wilson  21 May 1826Defford, Worcestershire, England I1826
3 Brotheridge, Emma  20 Apr 1828Defford, Worcestershire, England I1824
4 Brotheridge, John  05 Apr 1801Defford, Worcestershire, England I2253
5 Brotheridge, Rebecca Lucy Ann  13 May 1824Defford, Worcestershire, England I1825
6 Brotheridge, Sarah Ann  29 Jan 1820Defford, Worcestershire, England I45
7 Farley, Adam  11 Feb 1810Defford, Worcestershire, England I4125
8 Farley, Anson  13 Oct 1811Defford, Worcestershire, England I4381
9 Rammell, Frederick Thomas  03 Jul 1855Defford, Worcestershire, England I2114
10 Rammell, John Brotheridge  07 Aug 1853Defford, Worcestershire, England I2971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brotheridge, Adelaide Charlotte  1870Defford, Worcestershire, England I3720
2 Brotheridge, Joseph  1839Defford, Worcestershire, England I649
3 Brotheridge, Joseph  1849Defford, Worcestershire, England I1198
4 White, Charlotte  1873Defford, Worcestershire, England I1197


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brotheridge, Adelaide Charlotte  02 Nov 1870Defford, Worcestershire, England I3720
2 Brotheridge, Joseph  22 Dec 1839Defford, Worcestershire, England I649
3 Brotheridge, Joseph  27 Sep 1849Defford, Worcestershire, England I1198


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Brotheridge, Charles Young  10 Jan 1819Defford, Worcestershire, England I1098
2 Brotheridge, Mary Deborah  12 Apr 1816Defford, Worcestershire, England I4066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brotheridge, Caroline  1808Defford, Worcestershire, England I2439
2 Brotheridge, Charles  Abt 1804Defford, Worcestershire, England I668
3 Brotheridge, Charlotte  Abt 1813Defford, Worcestershire, England I1502
4 Brotheridge, Charlotte  Abt 1820Defford, Worcestershire, England I1502
5 Brotheridge, Fanny Charlotte  22 Mar 1857Defford, Worcestershire, England I5199
6 Brotheridge, Henry  Abt 1814Defford, Worcestershire, England I3089
7 Brotheridge, Henry  1824Defford, Worcestershire, England I3089
8 Brotheridge, John  Abt 1843Defford, Worcestershire, England I1195
9 Brotheridge, Sarah Ann  Abt 1821Defford, Worcestershire, England I742
10 Brotheridge, Sarah Ann  1821Defford, Worcestershire, England I742
11 Brotheridge, Sarah Ann  Abt 1830Defford, Worcestershire, England I742
12 Brotheridge, Sarah Ann  1830Defford, Worcestershire, England I742
13 Rammell, Frederick Thomas  Abt 1858Defford, Worcestershire, England I2114


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brotheridge, Charles  05 Jun 1817Defford, Worcestershire, England I29
2 Brotheridge, Fanny Charlotte  1861Defford, Worcestershire, England I5199
3 Brotheridge, Joseph  02 May 1830Defford, Worcestershire, England I1198
4 Brotheridge, Mary  14 Nov 1819Defford, Worcestershire, England I3669
5 Rammell, John Brotheridge  1861Defford, Worcestershire, England I2971
6 White, Charlotte  02 May 1830Defford, Worcestershire, England I1197


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hale / Brotheridge  04 Dec 1821Defford, Worcestershire, England F443
2 Reece / Brotheridge  29 Aug 1861Defford, Worcestershire, England F110
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